Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in bad_idea_cat,

Chlorophyll: The Roleplaying Game

Arguably, the simplest fantasy roleplaying game ever imagined. Gamers play as one of a thousand different species of plants, permanently rooted in a patch of dirt somewhere on the earth's surface. The goal of the game is to grow, absorb sunlight, water, and soil nutrients while simultaneously providing breathable air for all life on earth. Campaign supplements describe additional plant classes, ecologically minded games about pollution and deforestation, and a multitude of historically themed adventures.
Chrlorophyll Player's Manual: $10.94
Supplement: Nazrullah's Poppy Fields: $10.94
Supplement: Colombian Gold: $9.99
Cyberplant Roleplaying System: $18.99
Advanced Dungeons & Fungis: $24.95
Beetletech: $11.17
Silt & Starships: $18.95
Sedimentation Player's Manual: $10.88
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