Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in bad_idea_cat,

Cardboard Cars

Certain Taco Bell restaurants only serve people in cars after midnight. You can't walk up to the drive-through and get service, but what about a cardboard car?
Apparently, this doesn't work, either, unless you have a friend's car handy, and you want a free soda.
"We created a carboard car, a nice one too, with a roof and everything. We walked a good half-a-mile or more to the Taco Bell. We have drunk frat guys and wasted soroity girls giving us encouragment as we race to meet the 2AM deadline. We have people stoping on the street to take pictures of us as we daodge trees and mind speedbumps(...)We were drawing a crowd, it was GREAT. Sadly, Taco Bell had to refuse us service, so....we ditched the car and hoped into our friend's truck. The manager at Taco Bell loved how creative we were and gave us free large sodas!"
Okay. Cardboard doesn't work, but you get an A+ for creativity. Now how about a tractor or a riding mower?

Credit: Cantofox (
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