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Magnavox Odyssey 2007

Play exciting games about football, dinosaurs and airplanes using more than 8,000 specially designed sheets of acetate! Cut your own games out of the additional 1,000 blank acetate sheets! Simply cut out a design, draw on it with marker, and lay the acetate on your television screen, controlling the blip with your Odyssey 2007 controller (note: not designed for widescreen or plasma television sets)!
Mad Maze: Can you find your way of your own maze? Cut one out of acetate and see!
Shooting gallery: Can you hit all the targets you've cut out the acetate? Move the blip around the screen and see!
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Sneak N' Peek 2007

New from National Semiconductor!
In this action packed two player game of hide and seek, one player hides their character behind a sofa or other piece of furniture while the second player leaves the room. When the first player has successfully hidden his character, the second player comes back in the room and has a chance to search the house from top to bottom in order to find him. Then it's player two's turn to hide. Can be played with or without timer. Endless hours of entertainment!
Sneak N' Peek 2007 (XBOX): $39.95 $29.95
VIC-20's Home Babysitter (XBOX): $7.70
VIC-20's Star Post (XBOX): $7.70
Clowns! (Gamecube): $17.97
Clearasil Capers (PS3): $9.79
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Olympus Electronics

The Atari company has re-released many of its most popular games for various platforms, with improved graphics, sounds and gameplay. Unfortunately, some of the lesser known, but equally excellent titles are neglected in their pursuit of profitability and wide audience acceptance.
Olympus Electronics is bucking this trend. We at Olympus believe that every game deserves a second chance. From Night Driver 2000 to Quadtronics' Pong 2000, we have proven that there is a market for even the most obscure of classic games.
Investors, visit our website any time between Monday and Thursday from 7AM to 11PM for the newest information concerning Olympus Electronics' exciting product line (Windows 95 only):
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